Our Facilities

Infant Program  /  Toddler Program  /  Pre-Kindergarten Program  /  School-Age Program


Our Center Highlights:

  •  Bright, Spacious Classrooms.
  • A Built-in Fountain Pool for our Preschool Children.
  • Over an Acre of Outdoor Play Yard.
  • Convenient Hours.
  • Social Services to Families.
  • Separate Buildings & Educational Programs for each Developmental Level.
  • Before & After School transportation Provided.
  • Licensed & Monitored by the Department of Early Education and Care.

We believe that quality child care means offering a stable, stimulating, and caring environment in which a child can comfortably develop intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally to his/her fullest potential.

EHCC proudly presents its capturing environment to everyone who visits. The landscaped grounds perfectly preview the center from philosophy to program design. Three separate buildings facilitate the separation of children according to their ages and stages of development: Infants and Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School-age before and after school care. The climate and environment in each building is carefully designed and monitored allowing for individualized programs specific to the children’s needs.

A good program must invoke interest, curiosity, and creativity in each child. We strive to provide an atmosphere where each child can feel secure, unique, valued, and accepted; an environment in which he/she receives positive reinforcements for endeavors in order to develop a positive self image.

Your infant, toddler or preschool child will be tenderly guided through their developmental milestones by our teaching staff. On site educational experiences provide the preschoolers with visits from storytellers, animal trainers, and health care professionals. Before and after school care compliments your child’s public school day, providing active learning in our home-like setting.