Class Overview

“We provide a hands-on environment that encourages exploration and curiosity in a playing to learn atmosphere.”

The Toddler Program at EHCC includes 2 classrooms specifically designed for the ages and stages of your child. Your 15 to 24 month old child will join our Toddler I group. This “mini” environment hosts a “world of discovery at their fingertips.” Through sensory experiences, and the guidance of loving teachers, your child will investigate and participate in activities that promote motor development, language, and self-help skills. This toddler friendly environment will keep your little one actively learning throughout his/her day.

The Toddler II program continues the avenue of learning for children from 2 to 2.9 years of age. In this program children become masters at many self-help skills (hand washing, drinking from open cups, using utensils for meal time, and toilet training.) The “language of children” is forever flowing here as toddlers achieve clarity and an increased vocabulary. Exploration of their environment promotes spatial relationships, cognitive thinking, and cause and effect learning. The nurturing teachers of Toddler II provide a developmentally appropriate environment, fostering children’s successes, and preparing them for their journey to the preschool.